RF power amplifier automatic ED-HF2015-A

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The linear amplifier HF2015-A is designed for all short wave amateur bands from 1.8 MHz to 29... more
Product information "RF power amplifier automatic ED-HF2015-A"

The linear amplifier HF2015-A is designed for all short wave amateur bands from 1.8 MHz to 29 MHz (including WARC bands) and all operating modes. The ED-HF2015-A is automatically tuned to the operating frequency of the transceiver, when the correct control cable is connected.

In this amplifier a tetrode tube FU728F (similar to a 4CX1500B) is used in a grounded-cathode circuit (input into control grid). This amplifier achieves excellent linearity by the voltage stabilization of the control grid bias (grid 1) and the screen voltage (grid 2). The power input is connected to the control grid, using a broadband input circuit with an input impedance of 50 Ohms. This adaptable input circuitry ensures a good input SWR which is better than 1.5:1 on all short-wave bands.

At the output of the amplifier a Pi-L circuit is used. The ceramic capacitors for TUNE and LOAD are divided. This enables the amplifier to be tuned exactly and makes it possible to easily return to the previously set positions after band change.

To power the amplifier two 2.0 kVA toroidal transformers are used. The soft-start power supply board uses resistance and relay circuits to enable a smooth startup process and to avoid stress peaks. The amplifier is connected to the 230/240 VAC mains with 2 cables. If the unit is supplied with 2 different phases, each of these phases must be able to supply 2 kW. If the unit is supplied with a single phase, make sure that it is able to supply 4 kW.

Control and monitoring circuits ensure that no damage occurs during a malfunction of the PA and it continues to work properly.

The amplifier is supplied with a German or English user manual.

Technical data:

Frequency coverage: Amateur bands 1.8 Mhz – 29.7 MHz including WARC
(in compliance with the legal provisions of the country of use)

1.800 - 1.999
3.500 - 3.999
7.000 - 7.300
10.100 - 10.150
14.000 - 14.350
18.068 - 18.168
21.000 - 21.450
24.890 - 24.990
28.000 - 29.700

Output power: 2000 W PEP in SSB and CW 1800 W in RTTY, AM and FM
Input power: usually 60 to 73 W for full output power
Input impedance: 50 Ohm VSWR < 1.5 : 1
Output amplification: 17 dB
Output impedance: 50 ohms unbalanced
Maximum output SWR: 2:1
SWR protection: automatic switching to STBY, when reflected power is 350W or higher
Intermodulation distortion: 32 dB below nominal output
Suppression of harmonics: < -50 dBc
Tuning: manual oder auto
Response time AUTO: - less than 0.5 s in same band
- less than 3 s, when out of band
Supported transceivers CAT: ICOM, ELECRAFT, KENWOOD, TEN-TEC, YAESU, ICOM and the transceiver protocol of microHAM devices – CI-V OUTPUT
Tube: FU728F Ceramic tetrode (similar to a 4CX1500B)
Cooler: EBM centrifugal blower + axial blower
Power supply: 2 x 230 VAC 2 kW, 50 Hz one or two phases
Transformers: 2 x toroidal transformer 2.0 kVA
Protection circuits: - SWR too high
- anoden current too high
- screen current (g2) too high
- grid current (g1) too high
- mistuning of power amplifier
- hot switching protection
- soft start for protecting your fuses
- switch-on blocking when top cover is opened
Display: LC - display 2x32 characters
5 inch LCD color display
Dimensions: 485 x 200 x 455 mm (width x height x depth)
Weight: 38 kg
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